David I. Grund profiled in Leading Lawyers Magazine — Consumer Edition

Lawyer’s Lawyer and the Difference Maker in Family Law Matters

david_grund_thumb.jpgThey say hardship builds character. In the case of attorney David I. Grund, a founding partner at Grund & Leavitt, he’s certainly had his share of hard knocks. 

Known for his creative solutions and compassion toward his clients, Grund has earned a reputation for scoring hard-fought wins on cases involving all types of issues arising from divorce proceedings.

It’s a far cry from his humble beginnings in 1947 when Grund and his twin brother Fred were born in a displaced persons camp. The family arrived in the United States after stops in Belgium and France. They settled on Chicago’s West Side in 1956. 

While growing up as a refugee, Grund never imagined he would one day become one of Chicago’s preeminent family law attorneys. He says he did know, however, that he had empathy for and a burning desire to help others in difficult and trying circumstances. 

Grund witnessed his own family go through a number of hard times, working to help out in any way he could.

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